With as much work as you did on the bucket why not replace the edge? Once they crack they keep cracking....it's weird that the lip is worn so bad but the shanks and teeth look new. Did they put new shanks on a worn out edge? If it's just for loading rocks why bother straightening? Welds and all look good, just seems like a really big bandaid when a transplant was in order....
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You didn't forget. I just posted them today. I never figured ouy how to post pics here until recently. Since I have a whole library full from the last few years I can post them now & then, along with new stuff.

I thought there was another thread of rig pics but that was the only large one I found. I thought it funny that when I opened it you were one of the last to post on it.

I just wanted to let some of the newbies see the thread so I didn't start a new one.