I can't decide between these 2 tig torches and from which supplier.
What would be the limitations on mild steel with the 150A weldcraft torch?

I've always arc welded stuff so haven't messed with much thin stuff. I have a miller 140C mig to start playing with the really thin stuff.
For now uses would be mild steel 1/8", 11ga, 14ga thick and maybe 16ga thick everyone in a while.

Any thicker than 3/16" and i'll probably stick weld it unless I find the tig does a good job on it and I want it to look pretty without grinding.

Anyone have a picture or someone way to indicate the difference in size between the WP17 and the WP26?

Weldcraft WP17V - with Valve
$139.87 --- No extras

__________________________________________________ ______________
Weldcraft WP17FV - flexible head with Valve
$151.19 --- No extras

or from
$175.56 --- No extras

__________________________________________________ ___________
Weldcraft WP26V - with Valve
$173.44 -- Comes complete with: one collet, one collet body, one nozzle, one back cap and one 2% tungsten electrode.

or from
$154.83 --- No extras

__________________________________________________ ________
Weldcraft WP26FV - flexible head with valve
$231.56 --- No extras

__________________________________________________ ______

Thinking about using the tig torch I do get with an adapter like these 2 to connect it direct to the CST 280. Which one I get will depend on the torch WP17 or WP26 I get.

Looks like these connectors are cheaper here
$49.34 -- although the hose connector in the picture looks different

I've never really tig welded before so I just want to know when I do get better at it, what I might wish I did have.

Does anyone have both the air cooled 17 and the 26 and prefer one over the other?