Hey guys- I haven't been on the forums in a while, but thought I would throw this out there.. I searched and searched for plans to make one of these, but ultimately had to design most of it. Even the wheels were fabricated. It is a reverse flow smoker, so the temperature only varies about 5 degrees from end to end. I had around $550 in the project, but everything that is exposed to heat is at least 1/4". The Lang's are going for 1500+. It's a beast to move, weighing over 500 pounds! Hoping it'll give someone else ideas if they're looking to build a reverse flow smoker.


18" diameter, quarter wall water pipe found on craigslist.


12" pipe was cut down with a band saw to make the outer ring. Cut the spokes, and will sleeve pipe with bar stock for the axle.


Tape was an awesome way to mark where the lid would be cut. I then cut flat soaker hose a few inches larger than the pipe diameter, clamped it, and used that as a plasma torch guide.


Door cut, and trimmed out- weld the hinges on BEFORE you cut the entire door out.


Reverse flow plates installed- I actually ended up raising them up about 3", but this is the only clean picture I have of it. Make sure that the fire to chamber entry is at the top of the firebox, not part way up. Otherwise it won't draw correctly.

Cooking rack / grate installed

Fire box door in the works. I used a vent I bought from etrailer that is used for the top of livestock trailers. Works perfect to regulate the air intake. Cheap to replace.


Finished wheels close up


Finished- and painted!!


And the best part..

Email or PM me if anyone is needing any details on building one. Reverse pits in this thickness go for 1500+. So glad I took it on myself, and now I have a pit that will outlive me.