Hello. I am new to the millerwelds forums and was hoping that someone here could give me some advice on some new some new parts I have recently acquired for my welder. I have a miller shopmaster 300 that I got used back in the 90's it came with a miller s21e wire feeder. I just picked up a miller hf-251d-1 high frequency unit, rfcs-14 foot pedal, coolmate 4 and a esab water cooled tig torch. I plan to put the hf unit and the coolmate on top of the shopmaster and build a platform above them to mount the feeder so everything will be on one cart. If anyone can see any drawbacks to this if you could point them out it would be much appreciated . Also I am wondering how I can wire both the hf unit and the feeder to the 14 pin connector on the front of the machine. It seems that it might be possible to wire both units to their respective pins on the same pug. Anybody know? I have never done any tig welding but learned to weld with a torch when I was a kid so I am hoping this experience will help me with tig. I am told that argon c 25 can not be used for tig but can straight argon be used for mig? It would be nice not to need two bottles of gas. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.