I built a cooler out of 16 gauge steel for a angus ranch in southwest KS. They freeze brand (dry ice and 90% alcohol) roughly 5000 head of cattle a year and needed a cooler that was functional and durable to hold 30 plus branding irons and withstand the extremely cold temperature.

The inside measures 16" wide x 16" deep x 38" long. The outside is 18.5" wide x 18.5" tall x 40.5" long (1.5" thick wall and lid). It will be spray foamed using slow rise foam (R value of 7 for 1" thickness) and a rubber gasket will line the top of the cooler where the door closes. The cooler weighs roughly 80-90 lbs.

There is a cart it sits on to help maneuver it around the barn. Everything will be painted light stone upon completion.

I built this for a buddy so only charging him for materials (no time). Just wondering what someone would pay for this exact setup to use for camping, tailgating, etc.?