I was working with a Miller guy via Email and we determined that my SR2 had gone bad. I ordered a new one and replaced it but am now having more issues and he is out of the office this week so, I'm coming here for advice because I need this thing to work.

The original problem was that the pilot arc wouldn't light; cup error light, changed consumables, tested the torch to find proper readings both with and without cups, ran through the input/output rectifier troubleshooting part of the manual to determine the SR2 was bad. Once the SR2 was replaced with a new one, I ran through the tests again and got the appropriate readings. Went to test the machine and it still gives me a cup error light and the pilot arc still wouldn't light. Gave me airflow at first but after turning the machine off and then on again, I now don't have airflow.

Help would be greatly appreciated as this machine is holding up work.