So I hijacked a thread a few days ago on weld grinding and just got around to repairing the bracket I was asking about. I beveled the edges on each side then tacked the end faces. Then ran 7018 into the groove until I had a nice hump of weld material to grind down. I then used a grinder to knock down most of the material - then an 80 grit flap disk to smooth it all out. This is, in my opinion a bit of a hack job but will do the trick for what it is used for - so 'family' is happy.

But I have some questions: I had trouble putting material from the stick onto the 'ends' of each/any edges - both on the sides of the bracket as well as where there is a machined bolt hole. Eventually I used another rod and was able to drop down material.

- How do you all run the stick "through" the edge of material without completely melting the existing edges (which is what happened to me - e.g. once at the edge do you pull the stick off slightly and remain still to drop material without overheating the edge causing a molten metal slide .... or ?)

- What do you recommend on a piece like this where you run a line and then into a machined hole (I guess similar to the bracket edges....)

- Finally - I ran a single pass down the center of the groove first - on each side. Then ran an additional two passes over the top of those - then had sufficient material to grind out - does that seem right?

Thanks in advance for your feedback on the repair as well as recommendations for the next one - and I hope there is a next one - but NOT "this" bracket!