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24'' schedule 10 pipe is .025 wall. Here's the chart .

The .375 wall is schedule 20 also know as Standard for 24''

You should also look for a leaking 100 gallon or a 125 gallon well water storage tank ; that might be a option too. Another is a heating expansion tank that was
replaced. http://www.statesupply.com/valves-an...n-tanks/bi1465
Maybe check at a scraper for one of these.

I checked out the posted link, awesome !
I know, did you read the whole thread? At one point the guy lays down in the smoke chamber! That thing is HUGE! Or he is a midget.

I don't know why I didn't go look it up on ET. That site is great. Looks like I am maxed out with my pipe diameter if I want to keep .250 wall. I was thinking of a 30" too, but .375 is a little overkill.

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Nothing says the pit has to be cylindrical, it's just most are made that way because the material was easy/cheap to get. There is no cooking advantage to a round pit, it just reduces fabrication required somewhat. If you can not find the pipe you are wanting, consider buying a plate of steel and building it square/rectangular.That's what I did making my smoker. I'll get some pics if you want. Mine has a 2'x3' cooking surface and a side fire box with a smoke tube run thru the center. You can make it most anyway you want it. I used 1/8" plate for mine, a 4'x8' piece was about $55.00 at the time. So maybe price flat plate steel too before settling on a round pipe as your base material. Your gonna need some plate anyway to make the firebox a square unit. So just call to see what the pricing is in your area.
Sounds good! My local supply has a sheet of 1/8" much higher than $55... I'll look into the options. Maybe get a local shop to throw it on the press brake and bend 3 of the 4 edges. Otherwise that would be 12' of weld just to make the same square as the pipe would build. I do need a good chunk of plate for the firebox though...