trailer #1.jpgtrailer #2.jpgSo here is my version of a welding trailer. (in progress) It has my TB275 and 2 bluestar 6000's. I am going to add a few lead holders, and maybe tie a material rack into that. I also want to add a metal fuel tank so that when I am onsite, I can just pump the gas from the tank (34 gallons) into whichever machine needs fuel. I hate having to leave site to go get fuel.This setup will be used for joist and deck whenever I need to have a crew welding down decking. Mostly single story buildings around here.
I am also thinking of adding some "D" rings to it, so that we could lift it onto a roof if we needed to.

So give me your opinions/ideas/thoughts/suggestions.......
trailer #1.jpgtrailer #2.jpg