I'm looking to buy a portable welder to use on farm and possible expand to side jobs when I'm not workin. I've looked at the bobcat 250 and trailblazer 302. I really like the trailblazer. I have found a used 2007 trailblazer 302 with 1850hrs. The gentleman that has it purposely bought it 4 the generator use. So due to business use I'm afraid that it may have not been properly maintained as should although he reassured me that the oil was changed every hundred hours. The outside sheet metal is scratched all over pretty good but doesn't appear to be dented. He offered it to me for 2000.00 plus 200' of lead and 50' of ground. But however it's 200 miles one way. I'm looking 4 some advice as to how long these engines last and as to weather I should pass or consider making the trip. Thanks for your help.