Hey everyone. My name is Tim.

I'm new to this forum and welding in general.

My brother and I have always been into fixing up old cars and jeeps so naturally we needed to learn to weld so we're not always paying someone else to do it for us. so back in December we decided to buy a used machine to learn with. After some research we found that we needed a generator welder because my garage and the barn on our family's farm both did not have the power to support almost any welder that we could afford.

After doing some searching online and our budget being only $1000cdn we decided on an older 1988-90ish Canox red champion generator stick welder because I read on here that they were actually made by miller.

After we got it home and watched some how to's on youtube. We got ahold of some scrap metal and some rods and started welding. I'm actually pretty good for a newbie.. my welds are strong, ok looking and the slag chips off pretty easily. I've heard that's good.

Now here's the problem. After the holidays I finally had some free time again so I went out to the garage to get some practice. when I started up the machine everything seemed fine but when I tried to strike an arc, Nothing. not even a spark. and the same when I plug anything into the receptacles. So i got on this site and started searching for a manual for my machine. I found that my machine is identical to a miller legend AEAD200LE. All the diagrams and wiring schematics in the legend's manual seem to match my machine perfectly.

In the troubleshooting it says to first check fuse f1. It was fine. Next on the list was to check the slip rings and brushes. One of the slip rings were badly blackened and the contact brush for that ring looks really worn compared to the other two. The manual says to clean the rings with 220grit or finer sand paper. Now that the rings are cleaned up it works fine again. Yay! But I still want to replace the brushes before the badly worn one causes any more problems.

I've called around to the places that this site said would be able to get me the parts that i need but everyone seems to think I'm better off buying a newer machine because nobody has the parts for this one anymore. WTF!

Please help me find these brushes and parts associated with replacing them so that i can get back to worry free learning.

Here's the digits and specs off the machine:
Its a Canox Red Champion. Identical to the Legend AEAD200le
Serial# JJ356762
Stock# 4613039
Its a 5kw. 1 phase generator/welder powered by an Onan 18hp. 2cyl. air cooled gas engine.

And the parts I need are the contact brushes and other stuff usually replaced with them. The manual that I downloaded from here calls for these part numbers.
*049 125- Brush w/spring
005 614- brush holder

I'm not sure if they come in packs of three but I need 3 springs, 3 brushes and 3 brush holders.

Please help.
Thanks in advance.