I am widening a trailer for a customer as well as lengthening it. Basically it is 57" wide by 104" long. It is made from c4 x 13lb(?) c channel. On the sides I will widen it 9" per side via 1/4" x3" x3" square tube every 16" (basically just straight tube welded perpendicular to the side rails. It will end up being 8 additional pieces per side. No fancy cuts. Now for the back I am extending it 18" plus the 9" per side but from above before the other side extensions are welded on it will look "T" shaped. All material is the 3" box tube. The rear extension will have one rear tube measuring +/- 75" and two side pieces approximately 18" that will be mitered together. There will be two additional crossmembers extending the front to rear running stringers. All material is customer supplied but I will cut it. I am charging $55/hour and expecting to spend around 8 hours on this. Does this seam close to par? I am looking to quote him at $500. Dave PS- I do this on the side. Things are slower in New Jersey and that is my reduced rate. I am confident in what I am doing just looking to have second opinions on time/materials cost.