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    Default input on this helmet?

    I know it's not a miller, but I don't have the money for one. It's a hobart discovery vs camo auto darkening helmet. It's not the best, but I'm hoping it will do. I'm welding in a trade school class in highschool right now and so far we've mostly been doing stick welding. We will be doing mig and tig. It says its not good for tig but I can borrow someone's hood when we get to that. What do y'all think about it?
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    Default input on this helmet?

    It is an ok hood I've used one briefly. I think the best bang for a buck hood is the Speedglas 100v it is about 100$ at and the optics are sweet for a 100$ hood and the weight is comfortable for all day wear. I have a few hoods but my favorite is speedglas at home I have a nice 9002x but I don't like to mess 300$ hoods up at work but a 100$ hood is a different story. Just my opinion.
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    Default input on this helmet?

    I was thinking about a speedglas too, I just thought they were all expensive. Is the one you're talking about an auto dark? Ill defiantly look into it though, thanks

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    Default input on this helmet?

    I just looked it up and at cyberweld it is $149, I would love one like that but just don't have the money for one right now

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    I recently picked up a welder and needed a helmet. I'm big into brand name stuff but have also learned the value of getting something to get you by while you work towards that big purchase later.

    Anyway, don't laugh, but I picked up the Harbor Freight "blue flame" helmet for $40 (coupon) then promptly peeled the "flames" off. Quick switching, 9-13 shade and it's got a grind mode. I had gone to Northern and looked at their selection, and they actually had a Hobart I was looking at (the XVS orange for $119) but couldn't justify the price tag as it was made in Korea...not US...

    Look at these two as well.

    They both do tig, second one is quite a bit more but has some really good specs, and I liked the 4 sensors.

    But like I said I went with the HF one, guys have posted on them they had them for years and they've held up...kinda like tools do you go out and buy Snap-On tools when you're a lube tech? No you buy the stuff from Sears or places like HF and when you start making more you can upgrade your stuff.

    Try not to laugh, but you might want to give it a look for the $40 they sell them for.

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