2 steps forward 1 step back. Added the gen set, then a 211, then had to take the generator back.

Now I am lost in confusion about what to power the 211 with. There are concerns if a engine drive will power it correctly, let alone these generators.

Clean power? Miller needs to come forward with something stating what can safely be used with the 211. You hear lots of opinions but no specs from Miller on it leaves a person guessing.

I purchased the Ridgid 6800, with a 30amp 230v outlet. below 6% THD. Should work as I see it. Then I found it needed more than a gallon of gas to run without shutting down. So I'll just keep more gas in it.

In doing so it ran great, welded an hour with it and the Dynasty. Then the auto idle stopped working. Well I don't need auto idle while welding but that works off a circuit board that probably controls a host of other functions and if it goes out in two hours, whats next?

Then I noticed where the removable panel was put in, the plastic was stressed on one side. The grey color had a long white streak where the panel locks behind it.

That's it, I'm taking it back.

Now the question is what power will make the 211 portable? I am almost afraid to ask, the answer might be a lot more than just meeting the stated specs.

Not many people are going to know the THD mystery and weld machines. While you would think a 75lb machine with MVP sounds pretty freaking portable.