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    Default how do my welds look?


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    Material thickness and the joint configuration?
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    Default how do my welds look?

    I believe it's 3/8 and its just flat practice welds. Like line after line and practicing the over laps

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    Keep your speed more consistent and slow down just a bit.

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    Default how do my welds look?

    Will do, thank you. I thought that I might be going a little fast and am tryin to work on makin everything more consistent so it'll look better

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    Default Kiss

    As others have said get comfortable. But before you lay your bead get into position and dry run your weld. Finding a comfortable spot that will let you weld all the way through without ending up in a funny position will help. Good luck and have fun

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    texas has a good point, what i see in your work is lack of planning, which is good, most beginners have many more issues, you seem to have the basics of the phyiscal part of it working for you, you need to plan for each inch of weld, for example, the left side of the plate looks far different than the rest, telling me, you could not see much and the rod angle was not correct, practice

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    Default how do my welds look?

    Thanks guys, I've gotten a fair amount better since this post. I figured out about the getting comfortable and planning the weld. I used to always get hung up towards the end of the weld by having to get in awkward positions to finish it out but I'm getting better at that. Right now were doing 6011 filler joint, 3 passes on each side and I'm trying my best to get good at it. They don't look horrible, but I know I can do better if I practice. Thanks everyone for the tips and advice

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    Default beads

    They look pretty darn good to me!

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    Default how do my welds look?

    Thank you!

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