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    dont beat your self up too much on making 6011 or 6010 looking good, that rod produces an ugly bead, its a fast freeze rod, it has a totally different purpose than the rod that you have been using. it can be made to look ok, but it will never get that smooth look

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    I agree, real good.

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    Default how do my welds look?

    Yeah it was confusing at first because I was trying to use it like a 6013. They're starting to get better now, and look somewhat how they're supposed to look but they're definitely not as pretty as the 6013 beads. But I guess every rod has its place. Kinda bummed cause I got a new helmet and have to send it back because the head gear clip broke before I even got to use it. Thanks for all the tips and advice guys!

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    Default welds

    Very Good

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    Default how do my welds look?

    Thanks, I've improved a pretty good bit since this was taken, ill add more pics tomorrow. I've been doing 6011 for a few weeks and now we have moved to 7018 and I'm doing fairly good with it

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    Default good job

    you got lots of good advice, and your doing a good job

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    Default how do my welds look?

    There has been really good advice. This site has helped me a lot to improve my welds. Most of the time if I search for something using google I just end up coming here and finding the answer I was looking for a lot quicker. Now If I can just get my 7018 fillet welds down...

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