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i have hooked up the plug as directed with three of the four terminals without the red wire. I is doing the same thing. Will hooking up all the wires on a single phase source damage the welder ? Any one know what the -2 means ? When I turn it on the first thing it displays 243 891 then -2 and right display is blank. then it goes to the normal operating display.
Normal on the readout, not sure on the noise but as mentioned it will make some noise

Read your manual !

3 Arc Timer Display
Upon power up as described above, the meter S LED will turn on, and arc time will be displayed for 5 seconds as [000 000] to [999 999]. The first four numbers indicate hours, and the last two numbers indicate minutes. Arc time shown in example is read as 1,234 hours and 56 minutes. Maxi- mum arc time is 9,999 hours and 59 minutes.