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    Default blinking helmet problem

    I have a auto darkening helmet at work. I believe it is a speedglass brand. The problem is every time a forklift drives by the light on the back makes the helmet go on and off quickly. This gets really annoying. To the point where you want to smash the lights out with a baseball bat. We have a shaded screen between the welding area and the area where the forklifts drive. Right in front of the welding area are some racks, a brake press and the shear. So there is a lot of traffic. I have tried hanging cardboard behind the shaded screen. It helped a little but it still blinked and the cardboard was a pain when moving things in and out of the area. I made a cardboard type of thing to resemble the bill of a hat and taped it on my helmet. It didn't help much. A couple guys at work think that it has something to do with the frequency the light is at or something. I can have my back to the forklift and the helmet still blinks. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and mainly if they had any solutions. I talked with my boss about getting rid of the lights, but it is some kind of safety b.s. or something that they have to be on there.

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    We have the same problem at work. It most likely is the frequency. All our helmets do it. Sometimes we don't even see the lights flashing when this happens.

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    Weld55, it is the frequency. I have the same problem at work. You can try asking your boss if they would change the lights on the forklifts. Other than that, I have never heard of a solution but would be interested myself if there is one.

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    Default easy fix

    Seems like the easiest solution is to go with a good ole' fixed shade lens. I have tried auto dark lenses in the past and simply don't trust them like I do my fixed shade lenses. Dave
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    My Nexgen doesn't have a problem and we have constant fork lift trafic in the shop. If your helmet has the option turn down the sensitivity.

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