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    Good to know - thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMW View Post
    I hesitate to post but here it is.

    Do not do this with acetylene!! Do not do this with any flammable gas either!!

    Even other gases can be dangerous. High pressure, suffocation from oxygen displacement, bottle turned into a missle, explosion, etc.

    Get two appropriate cgaxxx nuts & nipples + a 3000# tee + a gauge. Do not use a rubber hose, just the fittings. Tighten it all up then open empty bottle valve all the way then crack open the full bottle a tiny bit & let it fill slowly. If you fill it to fast it will create a lot of heat. Close all valves & crack open a nut to release pressure then remove. The bottles will equalize in pressure so your not actually filling the smaller one all the way.

    Do not do this with acetylene!! Do not do this with any flammable gas either!!
    Thanks for the info MMW and the rest of you guys also. I have done this with SCUBA gear, with a Spare Air and a pony bottle. but did not know what to look for in connections. I think its a good idea when you have a small tank but I still haven't made that decision.

    As the last poster said, he is thinking on trading up from an 80 to a 160. Thats probably what I'll look at if the 80 just doesn't cut it. This refill would be a neat option tho.

    I am scared enough of psi. The scuba tanks are 3000psi, well if you get a good fill and the valves I test at work can go to 4000psi. I've had my share of failures at 3000psi with hydraulics's.

    After something blows, its hard to go back to work. Scares the crap out of you, and your just afraid to fire it up again plus your covered in oil. Got a couple scars from it and have seen people get hurt.

    So I can understand your hesitation to post about it. Edit it if you like, I saved the info I need if this is what I end up doing.


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