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Thread: Size Matters?

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    Default Size Matters?

    I am a novice welder to say the least. I have built a few projects but still do not feel I get great results each and every time. Projects are bike rack, some sheet metal repair, exhaust work, misc small repairs, storage racks, etc. Often feeling like I am completely incompetent at setting up my welder. Now to the real question.

    I currently have a MM250 set up for .035 wire with a M25 gun. This was a usedmachine I bought due to the price. Age is probably 10-15 years. This thing is big, as you all know, taking up much space in my smaller garage. I like the looks of the Miller 211 for both its smaller size, capacity to run 110 if needed, and still being able to weld all the way up to most sizes I would need,e.g. 3/8.

    Would selling the 250 to replace it with a 211 for the big reason of size, possibly some help with setup using the auto feature, (I know purist probablythink these are useless but think about the part time welder who uses it once every six months etc.) make any sense? I know the 250 can do anything, but again it's big and probably way more machine than I need. Thoughts?
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