I have a xmt 304 welder that I bought in the middle of summer, unfortunately i bought it used and it only cam with a 3 month warranty. I am having intermittent problems with the machine when I turn it on. At first tt my house I got a Help 6 code maybe once out every 10 times I turned it on. Now I only works once out of every 10! I have a project truck that I am working on at a friends house and we wired up a plug there, maybe 2km from me, and I get a help7, and sometimes a help0. But again will work maybe every 10th time you turn it on. I live in the country so the power isn't as perfect as in the city but at my house I have measured 239 and received a help 6 and up the hill measured 248 and got help 7. Is the welder really that sensitive? from what I understand in should have a 15% variance before it sends out a help code... And what do you make of the help0 code? I found a manual that stated that this could mean a burnt out thermistor, but then why does this only happen sporadically.

Thanks for any help