Just visited the LWS "AirGas" here and found the only thing they really stock is Radnor products.

I am going to be starting from scratch so will need:
Ground Clamp
Tweco or Dinse connectors
Stick welding cable

They quoted me some #2 25ft welding cable at $43 or 50ft for $84. That seems a LOT cheaper than what you have to pay for Hobart welding leads at Tractor Supply.

Does anyone use Radnor stingers, grounds, connectors, or leads?

They did have a few Tweco brand stingers and ground clamps so not sure which to buy.

They didn't have any Tweco brand connectors, just this Radnor brand that they said would fit Tweco's on the welders. I didn't see anything on the shelf to fit Dinse.