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    Default plasma cutter problem

    Hey im having a problem with my plasma cutter it is blowing out tips almost immediately after putting a new one on and i cant figure out why I think it is a moisture problem but wanted to get a second opinion before i start buying more electrodes and tips and destroying those too.

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    That has happend to me when there is water in my lines. Make shure you have a good water filter in line.

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    Are you running any kind of water trap like a coalescing or a desiccant filter before the plasma cutter? Also it's better to run one right before the plasma cutter vs on the tank.

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    Too high of air pressure and yep alotta water in the lines. Might want to think about getting nitrogen bottles instead of compressed air.

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    Default clean gas supply

    good chance you need a filter to take out moisture ,on the air line. also check if you have a water releife valve ,if your using a compressor?
    change to a moisture proof cylinder of air.
    also on or inside your plasma ,near the back were the air enters,is a filter. the filter can at times reduce the air flow. this will cause a change in pressure. at times you will think the plasma is not cutting correctly. at times you may think you have water in you line( you may?). check this as well.
    depending were you live ,the little filter may freeze ,causeing the plasma , not cut correctly? don't forget to make shore your tip or electrode is the correct size ?
    i have always thaught to start at the power source and work towards the handle. checking as you go. you will find the problem. likely some little thing?

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    Default plasma cutter problem

    I thought it was a moisture problem but wasn't sure. I need to double check the filters on my system. Thanks for the help.

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    i have a small inline water trap with an on/off valve rigged up, i use this right on the air intake of the cutter, also good for other air uses. also i have the usual inline water traps in the air line, this portable one really makes a difference

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    Default This is to member CRUIZER.

    Quote Originally Posted by cruizer View Post
    Too high of air pressure and yep alotta water in the lines. Might want to think about getting nitrogen bottles instead of compressed air.
    Sorry to chime in on someone else post. i saw cruizer in a post that you sent your syncrowave 250 dx pc board to RADWELL. i did also and they just sent me a price back of $275 to fix. did what they did to yours fix the problem? im getting the HLP1 code.... SCR over current or under current. just wanted your opinion before i told them to go ahead with the fix. thanks for your constant knowledge on this forum.

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