Hi i am new to this forum and i have a question about a weld test/interview.
I recently sent a email to a fab company in my area asking if they had any mig welding positions available. The last time i have welded was 5 years ago as a union worker. I welded for that company for 2 years before i moved to a new city. I have since been doing landscaping and window cleaning in the summer with family and using my pay and a inheritance in the winters to get by. Now i want to get back in to welding.

I recievd a email back saying they do not have any work today but that can change tomorrow. They asked if i can stop in for a weld test/interview i have not called them back yet to set it up. I wanted to know what should i wear and do i have to have my own gear? I only have timberland nubuck boots or old brown steel tip boots, jeans and hoodies i was thinking of wearing. I do not have my weld boots, gloves, tools or my hood anymore but i would buy everything if i got the job. Also i am a little worried about taking a weld test after not welding in five years even tho my welds were always good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,