In short, I went to Tech for 1 year. Passed a 6g pipe test with stick and all the prior test.

In that time I never got to hold a Tig torch or a Mig gun. I learned Tig at a boat prop shop helping there when it was busy for 10yrs or so.

I now own a Dynasty 200 (3 yrs) and love it. But over 25yrs doing some kind of welding I have still not touched a Mig.

So tell me about Mig Machines. I'm looking at the Millermatic 211. I have not looked at other brands. I would like to buy American, but I really don't know who makes what. I did search it, but still no clear answers, assembled here but components elsewhere, components here but assembled elsewhere.

Is Miller the only US company for machines? or am I wrong about that?

Anyway, The Dynasty is not always the choice for the small job down the road. I don't like the extreme cleaning for Tig plus the positions you wind up in and Stick on thin stuff isn't my cup of tea. I do like stick welding but it seems I always say, I wish I had a Mig for this even tho I have never used one.

I need a portable Mig to run from a Generator. It would be faster, get in tight places easier, less cleaning before and after, no filler or rods to mess with and the list goes on.

So what do you guys suggest for good portable Mig that compares to the 211?