A lady found my web site from Craigslist. She has a very old special piece of wood barn siding. She wanted two names carved on it with date. The wood was falling apart and was warped and cupped. I had to wet it down and clamp it to get it flat enough to carve on my machine. After a lot of crap, I finally got it to work.
After I wet it down, I had to let it dry before cutting...while cutting...because the wood was so old and dry, surfaces pieces starting chipping off so I wet it again to soften the wood fibers. Well, at that point, it wouldn't cut worth a darn so I had to stop. Too many loose wet fibers. Then I thought what the heck to do. I then thought, let it dry again and give it a coat of spar urethane to glue the loose parts down and harden the frizzies. The next morning, I set the cutter down about another .020 and it cut well plus cleaned the urethane out of the low spots. What a pain. I didn't try anything like coating at first because they wanted the wood in its natural state. I called her and said what I wanted to do for it to cut well so that's it. Btw, I welded on the machine that did this The board is about 42" long