Looks like the CST 280 is considered the best inverter stick welder, but now I have a few questions so I can pick the right machine.

I have 2 question topics, one on the connector types Dinse vs Tweco and the second regarding the different voltage CST 280 Stick welders.

1 - What is the difference in using the Dinse vs Tweco, is one a better (more robust) connection style?
- What is the advantage/disadvantages of each?

Looks like for my application I will be needing 35-50ft #2 welding/ground leads.

I measured with a Fluke meter and I have 242Vac here.

2 - There are two different voltage models in the CST 280

A - 220-230V / 460-575V Model
- Dinse
- Tweco
** Max open-circuit voltage (77Vdc)

B - 208-230V / 400-460V Model
- Dinse
- Tweco
** Max open-circuit voltage (67Vdc)

Why are there 2 different Models? Is one for European 50Hz and the other type for US 60Hz?

There is also a VRD model (Voltage reduction) which has a lower max open-circuit voltage of 30VDC, but I don't think I want that one since I have read on here about people having a hard time starting the arc with that feature.