On CST 280 when the stick process is selected as either stiff or soft for 6010 or 7018 does the select switch move any for fine tuning? Or does it simply click in place and there is no fine adjustment like the Maxstar 200 STR. Is the CST280 simply so smart that the dig setting it has for soft and stiff are perfect and are constantly adjusting to maintain that way?

Anyone prefer one welders dig adjustment over the other?

Trying to figure out which stick welder will be better for welding 6-8" beams for an up coming project.

Have 50 amp 220V plug available for shop.

CST 280 has higher duty cycle but Maxstar 200 STR looks to have a continuous adjustment knob for the dig? Also since Maxstar full range knob is 200, will be easier to fine tune versus only part of the CST knob range is useable since it turns to 280 even though it is limited to 200.

Last thing I see is Maxstar has auto line so maybe would handle slight input supply fluctuations when welding using a 75' 6 AWG extension cord. Not sure how the CST 280 would handle the extension cord since it doesn't have auto line.

Anyone stick welded with these 2 units?
Which one is preferred for stick welding 6010 and 7018 ?