How many 211 owners do we have on board? I just bought a new 211 in December of 2012 and I pulled it out of the box to give it a once over and when I tried to get the door open on it I could not get it open. And I thought crap I remember seeing a U-tube video dealing with the same problem. I just figured it was due to rough handling by the delivery boys but I guess not. So I was a little surprised when my door wouldn't open.

I called Bill at IOC in Indiana and he said that it was pretty common problem so they have been double boxing them but I guess that doesn't help. I ended up taking the body off of it and smacked the the frame a couple of times with a rawhide hammer and now I can get it opened.

I gave Miller a call to find out what the problem is and from what I got out of our conversation was it ain't no big deal and it didn't sound like Miller intended to remedy the situation.I would imagine all the small Millers might have this problem. I suggested adding a extra ribb to the bottom of the welder or bolting or welding another piece down there for a little extra strength but I think it went right over his head when I suggested this.He said they have been putting a piece of OSB in the bottom of the box to keep the welder floor from getting bent but it looks like thats not working much

I was a little disappointed to say the least. I said its not right to pay over a grand for something and have to take it apart & work on it before you can use it.
And you know there wasn't any signs that UPS did their usual beat the crap out of the thing before I got it.

Well I'm goinna get off my soap box now so let me know if any others have had this problem. Thanks.