metal blade style polarity switch. Welder was used for stainless only. It has been sitting in a warehouse for 4+ years unused KG241037 serial. 4awg thhn hard wired to 125 breaker. No cables no remote. Shows 40 volts in AC mode. Inside machine was dusty blew it out and have not seen any smoke trails or burnt smells. remote switch set to panel.
Jumpers set to 230
I have 250 volts coming in single phase
running of 200 amp panel
Was told it was pulled from a working shop (always the case) that did stainless sinks restrant equipment ect.
bare bones machine no options
only thing I see is a over temp(I think) switch has been unhooked and taped up
I am far with electical just looking for a place to start here
Thanks for any help that can be offered