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Thread: Welder ID?

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    Default Welder ID?

    Hi there,

    My father has been welding since he was very young and is now downsizing from his shop and needs to sell his beloved welder.

    This particular welder was purchased used back in the early 1960's, around 1963. He bought it from a diamond drilling company that he did contract fabrication work for and has used the unit regularly since then, as recently as last month.

    He's 86 years old now and is selling this shop welder and will purchase a small hobby welder.

    The problem is the paint is worn off the front of the welder and there is only 1 number on it and it is stamped into the front of the unit near the top. I'm assuming it's a serial number. I can't find any other tags or plates riveted to it anywhere.

    I've attached four pics of the unit in hopes that someone can help ID this old girl. We recently had a shop sale where a lot of his old heavy-duty tools were sold to up and coming mechanics and the rest of his tools he wants to donate to students of local mechanics programs in the small town of Whitehorse, Yukon where he lives. Sorry to ramble but I thought someone might enjoy the back story.

    If anyone can lend a hand in possibly narrowing down some information on this cool welder I'd appreciate it. We'd like to know more about it from a historical standpoint and he was also wondering what it's worth.

    It's a Miller "Arc Spot Welder", 3 phase, 180 Amp.
    The number stamped on it is: E4172

    Thanks for the time. I look forward to your replies.
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