I traded a diesel engine from a wrecked truck for this Big 40. The outside looks great, and it ran great. The seller overhauled it, putting a new front on it, so I donít know what the serial number was. When they were refinishing to sell it, some parts got more attention than others, and they practically spray painted the entire guts, wiring, etc. I am trying to diagnose an issue because now because it wonít start. I plan to get a new battery. The alternator is new. I stick the key in and push the button, but I here a small click, and nothing; once it clicks once, it wonít click again. I welded with it the night he dropped it off, so I know it has worked, but the wiring looks rough. I want to get a book for it, and I have been trying to locate engine info. He said someone told him it was a 76. All I know is that that the engine has CWC F400A-612 on the bottom, and the top has F400A-531. Can anyone tell me anything about this welder? Does the starter sound bad? How can I find out what year it is, etc.? Many thanks for any assistance. There's also another number K156. I didn't take a picture of the top of the engine. I tried to upload pics of the welder, but it says they're too large. IMG_0496.jpg