Ok guys, the father inlaw has made a smaller version radial engine all aluminum its a work of art to say the least. He made every single piece right down to the push rods and spark plugs. Anyway he has asked if I can make him a stand to display it at shows.
Basicaly he is looking for an L shaped type stand made from 1/4 " aluminum 12" wide 13 " tall 18 " for the base so this is his request. My question is this, I will be welding this with my diversion 180 ( Im aware it's maxed out at 3/16) but with a little pre heat I think I will be ok being that im not going to run a full bead on this this thing, probably a few 2" beads or so on both sides. should I taper the top piecs coming down to join the base for the ease of welding? thinking of clamping a piece of angle to help prevent things for moving around.If you guys got any input or ideas to help in this project please feel free to chime in thanks, Eric