I have read a number of ford and superduty forums with no luck so i thought i would post here to see if some one else had the same problem. Lost front and rear marker and tail lights on my 02 superduty service truck. i have dash lights and sunvisor lights ( power to sun visor is spliced in at light switch )Checked all fuses and relays , tried new light switch, pulled some of the dash apart and wire is in good shape and has power. Pulled all cab connectors on firewall/ fender and all connector pins are good. No corrosion or melting. I had under hood wire harness completely apart before to find a bad spot in my power wire to alternator and im really not looking forward to doing it again. It has to be before the wire splits to the front and rear of the truck. I first thought it was from hosing the floor out ( work on strip job so mud is a big problem , gotta love rubber floor mat ) but i cleared that issue when i checked all relays ,fused etc.. has anyone had this issue with there superduty ? Any spots where harness is known to rub thru on the fender or body ? Just thought i would check before i start unwrapping the wireharness. Thanks in advance for any help.