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    Quote Originally Posted by Cgotto6 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by go2building View Post
    How many bars? You could per crown the plate by clamping it down with some spacer bars on the opposite side you are welding the 1" bars. If you clamp it to a flat surface it will still warp. As stated, do not air cool with compressed air it's just not a good idea weather it's critical or not!
    Oh have you not been able to keep a welded piece flat using air to speed the process? Why would this not be alright to do on a non critical piece?

    NO I have not, if you cool it fast with compressed air or slow it is still going to warp! The only thing you will do is negate the the reason of welding it by making the welds useless. Critical or non a weld should be as strong as they can be.
    I treat all welds the same.
    The question is have you?
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