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Thread: pipeline

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    [QUOTE=skidder13;300 Laying in a ditch all day [/QUOTE]

    Mainline pipelines aren't built in a ditch, they are welded on skids on the bank.
    Tie-ins/test headers/ect ARE made in the ditch.

    Anybody that fancies a life on the pipeline (in the United States of America) is best (by far) served to work as a welders helper and learn the terminology and what's expected of the welder.
    From there, the progression to welder is only hindered by your ability to weld to the requirements in the short time alloted.

    So the real answer is, hire out as a helper. It's certainly not for everyone and first hand experience will reveal that to you.

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    Default pipeline

    Thanks guys I'm in the states to be exact ohio. All I have right now is just experience welding some pipe and welding on trucks. A community college near me has a pipeline welding class. will that give me any experience and terminology? I know very few guys who weld on pipelines. So finding one and asking them is slim to none!

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    well not quite sure on all the certs you need down there. but in my experience it wouldn't hurt to take the course at the collage. it will give you a idea of what will be expected out on the line as for weld quality. after you go to the collage and complete the coarse find the pipe line companies in your area and apply for a helpers helper position. with the knowledge you have learned from the collage you would be a great helper to a welder on the line and get to know how it works out there. it wont take long before you are welding main line pipe with the best knowledge and experience from the bottom up. some times it is best to start as a helper first then move up. you learn what is needed and expected before being really responsible for anything.
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