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There is certainly a quality difference coming off a Miller assembly line than there is an asian import assembly line. I bet every one of miller's assemblers has the ability to purchase and use that equipment. The materials, the labor, the testing and service by Miller as compared the the ChiCom stuff is miles better. Everyone knows Horror Frieght, and the trash they sell. Informed buyers can make do with throwaway tools, and even machines.

The whole " you can buy two asian welders for the price of a Miller" is stupid. Just like saying that any Hyundai is the same as a Mercedes, and you can buy two.

Even if quality is on par with Miller, the ChiCom mail order service scenario is BS. I am not an electrical technician, and I should not be made to diagnose internal problems on the phone to avoid the freight costs to get service. If I have any issue with my Miller machines, my LWS comes right out to assist. Then if he is stumped he calls upon the regional Miller rep. and they have it solved in short order or they swap it out with a loaner during repair or new unit.

Ya get what ya pay for. Oh, and never have these trash can welder people offered to let me demo one of their machines. They know it would never hold up in a professional environment. The fallout would be just plain embarrassing. Miller on the other hand treats me like a king. Demo this, demo that. I even have had the pleasure to demo Miller's orphan child, the Dynasty280. I have demoed Esab, Hobart, Miller, Linclone, and ThermalArc. Some were good, some were not(Esab).

Sure I could outfit my shop with 20 ChiCom units, and hire a plant manager to handle the service, warranty, and legal issues forthwith. But what a supreme hassle that would be. So why would I wish any of that on an amateur?

Sorry it turned into a rant.
yuh know......you may just be my hero....at least for a day or two