I am looking into building the ranch a new welding trailer. We are tired of loading and unloading all of the equipment all the time from barns or other trailers. Wondering if anyone out there has any cool ideas.
I have a 5'x14' trailer. It is 4 years old and in great shape. It has 3000# axle. I was thinking of elevating the machine so we could slide pipe, ect underneath it. I also would like to build a work table on the back with vise and a place to mount my chop saw. I am beating myself up thinking the trailer is too long and I should trade it and buy like a 6' x 10' for space...I have a crossbed toolbox that I want to mount on the front of the trailer. Kinda curious what ideas yall might have, like for mounting the machine up off the floor, table, and mounting the bottles..cable storage racks..? ? Thanks !!!!