hey guys my company is trying to get a new job. I need to find a very low profile welding helmet as far as overhead clearance is concerned. basically we have a ceiling at 6 feet high. 3.5 inches below that we have the top of a w12 beam. 3 inches in on top of the W 12 theme set the plans of a half inch thick 3 inch angle. a 4 inch 5/16 weld tired every 12 inches. the requirements is 3 passes with 7018 welding rod. I need suggestions for a low. Profile welding hood or parascope type helmet otherwise it is several union welders welding with mirrors for 60,000 feet of weld. Without a helmet on I can tilt my head back about 45 degre and see the the top of the fange where the 1f weld needs to be. Thx Dave