So the other day my Millermatic 175, which was bought around 2003-2004, die on me. I had just finished a few beads and set the torch down on the table as I setup for a few more. After a minute or two I heard a loud fuse style pop noise behind me. Checked the house fuse (OK), checked wall power (OK), checked for power into welder (OK), but the welder itself had no reaction to anything. No fan, no feed motor, no gas output, no arc, nothing.

I came across the following thread in which CRUIZER (hopefully he sees my thread) responded with the following comment:

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There is a transformer internal to the fan motor that supplys 24Vac for the rest of the system, it may be pooched. however if it is pooched, there is no protection on the circuit board, so two traces are generally blown off it. These 2 traces pass from one side of the board to the other and simple to repair with a couple of 24 gage wires soldered from one side to the other
Looking at my board, everything visually checked out, but as mentioned the two traces were blown off. Now I have done a good amount of prototype circuit board work and I have also made several complete wiring harnesses for racecars, so this task does not intimidate me.

My question to CRUIZER and others:
I see exactly which wires to replace, their beginning/ends, I have the proper wire guages, and I have all of the proper tools. Based on your experience, would your advice be:

  1. Solder in mentioned wires
  2. Replace the $36 fan motor unit: P/N 196 064 . . MOTOR, fan (230 VAC model)
  3. Test welder by trying to power it up.

What are the other potentially damaged items? I have no problem taking my chances, spending $36, and a few hours to possibly repair the unit before throwing down $1000 or more for a new unit. I just wanted to know if this same scenario killed any other components that I will need to replace?