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YES ! Do you have any metal storage areas ??? A cart on WHEELS would be awesome for short pieces, buckets, milk crates, etc. You could even use one for a chop saw table. Use one for a cart and add steel to the other for the table. Definitely will make storage for organizing tools, grinders, clamps, etc. You can never have enough. A cart on wheels has many uses. It'sonly money. When's the wife's birthday ? Great gift. I never deprive my wife of anything I WANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL thats right its not for another 8 months but I never have a problem getting her an early present for her that I want. And I do want her to learn to weld as well. She is more artsy then me. She would be good at decorative things. So she is going to learn as well. Be a two person team.

I do have some nice pieces of steel to add to the one cart and the welder setup and tools to the other. I knew I should have bought them soon as I saw them.

I will get them tomorrow as long as the seller is available and he should be good and ready to sell them by now.

I just got my miller owners club thing in the mail with a nice set of decals that will go very nice on them carts!

Thanks again to you and everyone who have given me so much information.

My next beads i will get uploaded. Like its been said I will just practice running the beads on metal not trying to join anything just trying to get familier. I got a nice 3/4 inch piece of smoked glass that would make a great coffee table and two really nice end tables.

Do the plasma cutters cut glass. I could swear I read they did, but not sure. That will be my next Bigger item. I will get the halogen and the stuff I need. Also where should I get the rollers for differnt size wire and nozzles and other consumables for the welder? I cant wait to get some more stuff. I am kinda of a horder when it comes to toys, dam it I mean TOOLS!