Well I finally been able to fire up the new MM211. I have to say its a little tricky. I been watching instructional videos and reading books. But, I guess nothing can teach you to weld like actual welding time.

I am curious if anyone has some good videos or how to vids. I have watched many. I read the info on the miller owners club information. I did watch alot of the welding tips and tricks, and alot of others. I think I might have to take a class or classes. Thing is I am going to be moving soon and not sure exactly what county I am going to end up in.

I would appreciate any pointers. I saw one series of two videos mig and advanced mig welding from what looks like a welding instructer he said take two pieces of round stock so that way its easier to get used to the heat managment and not having to worry as much of a steady hand. He said you can almost ride the nozzle on the top since your welding kind of down in the middle of the two round pieces. I am not sure if i am explaining that right, but it did seem to make some sense.

Also the auto adjust helmet I got. Its a lincoln was on sale for 160 originally like 185.00 seems like a nice helmet has 4 sensors, but let me ask for mig welding How dark does it need to be its 9-13? when I fired my first kind of weld man that thing blacked out I thought i blew the power. I was like wtf then realised its the auto adjust. I think I have it set to sensative and to dark cause I am having a really hard time seeing it at all. I think its the lincoln viking, I can get the exact name but seems like a nice helmet. I didnt get one with graphics its just black. It did come with some stickers but I didnt put any on. Cause since I got a miller I would have prefered I went with a miller helmet so anyhow thats why I just leave it black.

Thanks In advance this forum and site has been really helpful.