I have a multimatic 200 that I just started using for TIG (amateur - new to TIG). At the end of the day when I go to shut the welder down, before I turn the power off, I close the valve on the tank and then proceed to bleed off the gas. I press the foot control and hold it until the tank pressure goes to zero (it slowly drops while I'm holding the pedal down). However, the flow gauge only drops from 25 cfh to about 18 cfh. It stays at 18 cfh even after the tank pressure is down to zero. Releasing and pressing the pedal several times will not make it go down. I thought initially it might be a bad gauge so I tried a different regulator with the same results. When I disconnected the hose to change the regulator, the flow gauge went to zero. When using the welder with MIG, the same procedure (reducing wire speed and pressing trigger instead of foot pedal) results in zero tank pressure and zero on the flow gauge. I don't know if I have a problem or if this is the way the multimatic 200 is supposed to work with TIG.