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    Default does the miller dynasty 200 run good on 115 v,and would it be good at welding pipe.

    I am thinking about getting one or saving for a welder/generator. I can weld sheetmetal at my job using a 230v powered dynasty 350.

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    I've only used mine on 115v once. It ran 3/32" 6010 just fine. Off the top of my head, I don't remember the duty cycle or amp limitations, but you probably don't want to run off 115V all the time unless sheet metal is all you do.

    The only complaint I'd have against the dyn200 is I'd like to have more amps and more duty cycle at the top end. I'd love to have the dyn350, but the price tag is a deal killer.

    I can't answer on 'welding pipe' since the only pipe I weld is non-pressurize pipe fences. I don't use the dyn200 for that work since I'm out in the field and don't have electrical service available. If I'm going to crank up the engine drive for electrical power, I might as well use it for the welder. If you're doing field work, you're probably going to want an engine drive.

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