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    Default millermatic 200 price

    Alright guys got a Millermatic 200 lined out if I want it gonna go look at it tomorrow, gotta drive 130 miles to get it which ain't too big of a deal. I've read these are good machines and weld excellent. Think its a fair deal but not sure, guy said it welds good with no problems and he had a makita chop saw to throw in with it as well. He wants $950 and here are the details. Milltermatic 200 Unit comes with 33 lbs of .035 wire, 75/25 argon bottle, flow gauge regulator, and 50' of 220 V lead, so you can move the welder that amount of distance when welding. Tweco idustrial gun. He will hook it up so I can weld with the unit and see how nice it welds, and rarely gives any trouble.He was a painter , so there is some overspray on the machine, but will come off. Guy said hes selling for a woman welder belonged to her husband and he died, he does not know if it is a owned or leased bottle. Also it is a white face model. I've attached the picture. If it don't look good I'm thinking about just stopping at northern tool and picking the ironman 230 up putting what money I have down and financing the rest. Thinking about offering $850 or is that still too much. Thanks for your thoughts
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