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    Default Invison 456MP "Adaptive" Or "Non Adaptive" When a welder could use?

    I have a Invision 456MP and Suitcase 12RC, I use the Program number 2 - 0 4 5 S t A r / C O 2

    It has the options "Adaptive" Or "Non Adaptive" when I weld in "Adaptive"works perfect, but when I weld with "Non Adaptive" after a few seconds of welding, the voltage decreases alone.

    1 - When I weld in any program that Pulse at Invision 456MP I should use a feeder that Pulse (like the 60M Series) or my simple Suitcase could do it?

    2 - When a welder could use "Non Adaptive" and what feeder him would use?

    P.S. Sorry for my poor English, I'm for Brazil and my englis still is so basic.

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    Well in adaptive, the machine monitors your arc length and "adapts" to changes in position. In non adaptive, you select the arc length, to if your out of position or lift up on the torch, your weld will go wonky.

    Best to leave it in "Adaptive". Non-adaptive" is good for a robotic application.

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    Exactly Cruizer. I wasn't managing to do a weld well, was very wonky in "Non Adaptive", if I lowered the "stick-out" the voltage diminished alone and when I lifted up splattered.
    I even thought that the source was in trouble.

    Now that I set with "Adaptive", the weld was perfect.

    Thank you very much!

    Thiago Farias

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