Ok, so I am looking to add an engine driven welder/generator to my shop... Looking for something used, and with a decent sized genny to run the house for a power outage. Looking on craigslist, there is a fairly rough looking Bobcat 225Plus with ~600hrs , and a halfway decent looking Lincoln Ranger 10,000 with unknown hours... I havent called about either one, and they are in my budget of under 1500. I have welded with a bunch of TB's and Bobcats, and am happy with their performance. Never ran a Ranger before. Pros/ Cons of either one? Most of the welding I do is general fab and pipe work, so either machine will burn rod just fine for me.
*Forgot to add--
Im looking for more information along the lines of serviceability/parts and the quality of the genny in the Lincoln. I'm fairly sure either machine will work, and if either one breaks they are not a source of lost income for work. Just another project!