Hey all,

I am a beginner welder, and have started buying different electrodes seeing which one I like and what suits my needs. I've been using 3/32 6011, 1/8 7014, and 1/8 7018. The 6011's I've bought have been really hard to start the arc with. They will not arc and when I get close and start scratching they will arc and stick the the work. I've turned up the amperage and the head is easier to start but I will blow a hole in the metal pretty quickly too....the 7014 have been really easy to work with. They maintain and start arcs very well. But the welds don't look very good and have a tendency to be porous and I have to do multiple passes to get something good. The 7018's have similar problems as the 6011 as in the are very hard to start and maintain a good arc. They stick to the work quite often when trying to start the arc. I have noticed a slag build up on the tip of these rods and chipping it off at the start has helped a little, but not much. Just threw a bunch of info at you. Any help at all would be awesome. Thanks in advance.