I am welding .016 annealed stainless. Looking for some tips on filling in holes left behind after fusion welded. I use a copper fixture with backing purge plate. Using a dynasty 700 set on 30 amps (no pulse when filling) not using all the pedal, until filler rod builds up. The lowest amps I can get the arc to initiate is 5(can't use lift arc in fear of tungsten inclusion) , so I usually start the arc on the weld fixture then let off the pedal to the least amps (maintaining arc) and move to the material. The problem I am having when filling the holes is that I end up chasing the hole perpendicular to the weld ,making a 1/8th inch wide intial fusion weld 1/4 inch in repaired areas. I think i am not giving it enough amps to draw the seperated material back together, in fear that to many amps will blow the material away, causing a larger hole. I try to add filler rod (.040 ER308L)to all sides of the hole before filling, but usaully end up chasing. Lookin for any tips,tricks,advise or whatever I can get. I do know the best way is not to blow holes to begin with, but the holes are produced by variables of excessive gap in fit up (.006 or greater),material and machine welded(manually repaired). Thanks again for any advice.