The hi-frequency starts are non-exsistent. Establishing arc requires either a lot of patients as the arc stumbles continuously, or with a light scratch of the tungsten to the material. I personally own a Maxstar 150 with lift arc and I've been using a similar technique with the Dynasty to get it to start (I'm only comparing arc starting here and I get fed up with $17K+ machine performing the same as a sub $1K unit)

Miller has replaced the boards in all 5 units once already. The starts were crisp for about a week and slowly trailed off yet again. They were purchased in early 2008. The issue isn't only with AC but DC as well. Maybe I'm missing something here.

Currently we are welding a ton of Alumium assemblies which require between 320 and 360 Amps. We have a variety of tungsten being used thruought the dapartment, though I choose 1% Zirconiated. Good ground. NEW Speedway 320 torch, almost 20 CFH on the argon, and no contaminated tungsten. Additionally, I wait for the tungsten to properly cool before repositioning after exstinguishing the arc.

The Dynastys are great machines however this issue is quite time consuming